In the chassis, there are some modifications. Firstly inside, the entire back of the car is emptied. The front is still to be finished. There are Butzi bucket seats with Oreca harness, and a steering wheel OMP.

L'intérieur de la caisse : vide ! L'intérieur de la caisse : vide !

Les baquets Le tableau de bord

Then, the front brakes are 284mm against 256mm past the original (Calibra Turbo brakes). The rear disc is passed (256mm, from an Astra GSi) against original drums. I also mounted gear 3/20 Astra GSi to prevent the rear wheels lock before the front ones. Braking level, it is really interesting, especially for the low budget. For suspensions, there are dampers DeCarbon (B8), anti approximation bar upper front and rear.

La BAR avant On aperçoit le freinage

And then one day I blew my 3rd gears in a gear change. I had at that time to buy a cheaper value engine, via an acquaintance (this is also why I had taken). I took the opportunity to ride, this is the beginning of the swap to the Tigra C20LET, 2.0l 16v Turbo Calibra.

Swap C20LET