Here is my Opel Tigra. It is a 2000 model air conditioning pack, purchased in 2005. Upon purchase, I mounted my old rims Ibiza, I lowered, an I installed a spoiler, a exaust and angels.

I was far from imagining that I would live with this car!

Then I got on the internet forum Tigra-Vision, and Blitz-GSI. I met a community of true fans of this car, and I became too ... I learned everything on this car,   I bought some parts, etc.. The logical consequence : black tinted taillights, front brake Calibra Turbo (284mm against 256mm of origin), strut bar, etc..

She remained a moment like this. Then, is not very old at the time, I began to want to separate of this car: I was looking for a more powerful car. I spotted the Calibra Turbo at the time, but even if this is not ugly, she did not like me as much as my Tigra. Finally, the perfect car would be my Tigra, with a more powerful engine. Little did I imagine that thought this would become a reality. After studying several solutions (improvement of my 1.4l, 1.4l turbo, swap), I finally remember the swap 20XE. The first swap was not done by me but by a friend (no mechanical knowledge, I did not even know to drain!). But I have removed again a few months later, and all recovered myself, because of a failure. This is the second swap, directed by my small hands, I'll introduce you. She will make her first laps in early 2008.

Swap 20XE