For the improvement, there have been some changes, but not much. We must not forget that this is a car speedway and the engine is abused! It is therefore essential to keep the reliability at the expense of power ...

We therefore:
  - A chip EDS Phase 2
  - An intercooler and piping kit
  - An inlet pipe TX
  - A group A 63.5 exhaust
  - A SPAL fan
  - A calibrated gas regulator to 3.5 bar (instead of three bars) pressure
  - An air filter Green
  - Enhanced Wastgate TX (not the one pictured)

Pressures are blocked (no overboost) at about 1 bar, 1.1 bar, set via a tap. Indeed, with the solenoid not take my pressure, even changing it.

    All of this is monitored by 5 gauges: temperature and oil pressure, turbo pressure, AFR, EGT. They are located in the former location of the position and below, temporarily. They are very   visible in general, and even less on track when you can not let go too bitumen eyes. The dashboard will be part of any ways remodeled, both manos, as switches,   heating controls, etc..

    In this configuration, I think she goes around 280ch (for 950kg on the scale), without certainty as never went to the bench. Thereafter, I will probably mount AAC C20XE I   in stock, and make a real REPROG bench.

    Some pictures:

Le kit EGT Prosport Le mano de l'EGT
L'ancienne Wastegate en haut (que j'avais renforcé maison ^^) et la nouvelle TX en bas L'ensemble des manos
Une bonne partie de ma prépa La face avant sans parechoc

But what it gives? Well here are some videos!

Another short video of a small series of test. By HD video, you get to read the speed on the phone. But he has a good view two seconds behind. Rates indicates that are below the actual speed.

Another video this time embedded with a friend who wanted a ride ^ ^

That you know just about everything on the car now! I will create another topic for news as and when I will modify the car.

It is now time to get into the heart of the matter, the trackday!