Swap C20LET

Hostilities begins by dismantling the 20XE. After 4 years of loyal service, it is time for him to take some rest.

It makes room around the motor and the strap, the strap only, who had already thrown a lot of engine break after lifting the engine a few inches! Fortunately, anti-roll bar catches the engine and prevents it from falling lower. No injuries to report.

Moteur dégagé La barre anti-roulis rattrape le moteur !

Thus again the manipulation, this time with two straps, and finally out of the engine compartment!

2 sangles cette fois ! Le moteur sort Il monte ! Au sol

This definitely marks the end of this 20XE Tigra, fairly well known on the French net! But no time to self-pity, it is time to move on!

Rehabilitation C20LET