Swap C20LET

Then I began the rehabilitation of the C20LET and preparing to enter the Tigra. No major work on the engine because it was in relatively good condition.

Here is the engine in its own juice at the beginning of disassembly. The turbo is cracked at the seat of the wastegate (seen above the wastegate valve) and the impeller is blocked. He will be replaced by another turbo in immaculate condition and taking out its pressures.

Le turbo HS Le moteur tout juste déculassé

We start engine cleaning as well as the box, and change the box (F28) to fill it back into the Tigra. Indeed, must drill and tap holes in order to attach the mounting box. It is necessary to assemble a kit 2WD (2WD), since the original Calibra, there is a transfer box, the latter being in 4WD. As the Tigra (at least for now) is to switch to 2WD, you must remove it   via a ring and a sort of cover with oil seal.

Nettoyage du plan de joint et des pistons Percage de la boite Tarraudage de la boite ! Montage du kit 2RM

Then just change the clutch (Sach) and do a final cleaning, reassembling the gearbox and reconnection of the engine / gearbox.

Changement de l'embrayage Changement de la butée d'embrayage Remontage de la boite Accouplement moteur / boite

At this point, the engine is ready to go in the car. Many people prefer to put the engine entire in the car. I prefer for my part to put it without the head, especially in the case of a swap, which allows me to go much more easily able to look around and put hands control modifications, etc.. Each way of working!
It is time to swap!

Swap C20LET