Swap C20LET

Before embarking on the swap, a small package arrived! It contains the complete piping for Tigra, intercooler, mounting box, and a hub that I broken during an output on speedway (when I have the 20XE).

Le colis ! Le piping complet
La pipe TX, c'est gros ! Le support de boite
L'ancien moyeu HS Le moyeu de remplacement

The engine fits in the engine compartment, then I mounted the head, and I go blank and the turbo piping just to see how it falls.   Slowly, it starts to look like something.

Le bloc en place La culasse montée
Gros plan sur le turbo Petite vue d'ensemble

Next step: I put the radiator and intercooler to see the assembly. You should know that the assembly of these elements have given me a hard time! Indeed, the water heater is normally behind the cross, now he finds himself below, because the turbo takes up too much space behind!

Montage intercooler à blanc Avec le parechoc

A small overview at this stage of assembly. Even my bar Wiechers happening with the TX pipe is the big surprise, and quite good, because the BAR is really effective!

Vue d'ensemble Vue d'ensemble

Finally, I definitely goes all in the desired position. Once the holes made​​, I want to fix up the bottom through which was a bit rusty and paint primer. I do not have a picture but it was then repainted in black, of course!

Réfection de la traverse Mise en place radiateur + intercooler

Changing the interior beam is begun. In these photos, the son are insulated with electrical tape. Indeed, at that time I had no heat duct. I have been all redone to   the heat shrink! The two pictures show the beam before / after modification. It is not difficult, just connect the son between the engine harness and the cockpit   according to color codes.

Le faisceau avant Le faisceau après

Finally, it takes shape, and after multiple problem I will not detail (immobilizer problem of lack of space for the jar LDR, difficulties in the exhaust line because I am a very bad welder, etc.), it is almost ready for the first stroke of a key!

Vue d'ensemble La face avant presque terminée (manque le radiateur d'huile)
Vue d'ensemble Vue d'ensemble

This is the first engine start. After checking everything 10 times to prevent breakage is trembling hands I sit down in the tub to give the first shot awaited key. Since the inception of the swap, ie from the moment I started to disassemble the 20XE, and this time it took 2 months. You should know that I made this swap in the winter, from November 2011 to January 2012. My garage is not insulated, I was doing mechanical weekends and evening after work often negative temperatures. To be honest, I do not do it again!   Motivation to see this Tigra ride with an engine like that was stronger than anything!

Truce talk, here's the video of the first start!

Imagine my disappointment! In fact, I cut the video just before swearing like a pig! It did not take me 10 minutes to find something that seemed the ignition cables HS ... So I took those 20XE of which are identical, and were recently ... I'm back in the seat of the Tigra for a second test!

This time, you can imagine my joy! The start was made without the line, just the downpipe, which is why it makes a lot of noise! Idling was unstable, it was time that everything is put in place, it has corrected itself after some time. It is therefore out of the garage one week later, the time to really finalize everything. She has gone to his sister, another Tigra in my possession, but this in turn 1.4l 16v 100% ethanol to work!

Avec sa soeur De sortie !
De sortie ! Habitacle

After a break-in period and verification, it is time to sing a little dump valve! Of course there were still many things to fix / redo (I only had 3 speeds, my linkage measure was not top, etc.), but it does not matter, what matters is that I was happy to finally have my Tigra Turbo coveted, and most importantly, entirely made by my little hands! And it is also   called "the joys of swap" as the car is not running, you can not know if what you did works because many parts are amended or handmade!   When leaving the garage, she was still in original or in OB 0.9 and 0.6 in stab pressures. It will take a little more pressure a few months later.

Well, now you know a little more about this swap, visit this page , namely the small improvement made ​​it!