Swap 20XE

I decided to do a complete refurbishment of the engine, a 20XE of 156ch. We start by disassembling.

On avance doucement Sortie du moteur

Le moteur à terre Le moteur à terre

Then we put it in parts

Finally starts winding

As the time (and failures: D), I upgraded the engine. Remove the wedge on the wing, mounting an intake manifold of the C20XE 2.8 (bigger), mounting a BMC DIA, improvement the head, exaust 63.5, smart copy EDS, etc..

Here are some examples :

In the end, the engine began to really work hard! She showed her talent in illegal runs, Here are some excerpts:
This video is taken from another Tigra swapped 20XE. I'm in the middle, and on the left there is a Golf TDI greatly improved (chip, intake, line, injectors, etc etc). Renault R21 dating pass me already launched, and it takes me suction (not a big preparation above, but much more powerful than me anyway)

Another video taken from a 1.6l 140hp Tigra improved.

And finally a short video counter, but that predates the improvement (the engine was stock, just the line 63.5). It worked much, much better after!

But all this is nothing without a true chassis, this is why we will now proceed to the description of the chassis!